Introduction about the Japan Vietnam Festival

The Japan Vietnam Festival (JVF) is a Japanese festival that attracts a record number of visitors in Vietnam. The core of the program is towards tightening the friendship between Vietnam and Japan through activities such as "Food and Agriculture", "Culture-Arts-Entertainment", "Training of human resources, sports activities", "Handicrafts", "Tourism"...

JVF was held for the first time in 2013, then successfully organized 6 times. In 2020, the event is postponed because of the Covid19 pandemic. Currently, although the circulation between Vietnam and Japan is still very difficult, with the desire to create a "bridge" between the two countries, we decided to organize the festival in a new style; where activities such as "performing arts", "exchange of trainees", "promoting Japanese tourism" are carried out using digital communication technology and networking.

With the participation of many famous Japanese brands and brands in Vietnam as well as supporting partners from Japan, we believe that this festival will bring many good and interesting experiences for visitors. concerned.

In addition, the festival also has the participation of Japanese idol group Elfin and famous Vietnamese artists such as Dong Nhi, Ong Cao Thang, Minh Hang, ...

Information about the 7th Festival, 2021

The 7th Vietnam-Japan Festival takes place from April 17 (Saturday) to April 18 (Sunday)

Location: September 23th Park

Kamereo counter: Japan Mall area, booth A35 & A36 (Le Lai Street, near Main Stage)

Kamereo Counter


  • Popular Japanese products such as confectionery, spices, noodles, soft drinks,...

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits directly from Da Lat’s farmers

  • Ready-to-eat food: Salad bowl & Japanese Food Tokyo Deli


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